A magnificent instrument, though not for the faint-hearted!

Zampogna - Jim Parr

Two chanters in G (F# to D' on the right, G to D on the left), a double-reeded drone in D, and an optional high D drone make a huge acoustic and visual impact. This is a zampogna a chiavi (with a key) and is traditionally an accompanying instrument, but it has a repertoire of its own and many tunes can be adapted to fit. If that's not enough,

the lower drone can be modified to give Eb, E and possibly F, to provide additional chords. The overall effect is of unparalled depravity but with a huge grin factor. I have just completed my first production model and if I say so myself, it is a marvellous work among all nations.

Zampogna - Jim Parr Zampogna - Jim Parr Zampogna - Jim Parr

Zampogna - Jim Parr

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