Like most individual makers I work to a waiting list, so the first step is to contact me to get an idea of what it's like. It's usually months, never years (so far) and may be only weeks. I will give you an estimated time, but it is an estimate - life has a habit of getting in the way of fixed delivery dates. I am happy to consider commissions and special requests, but these always take longer. I will keep you updated with progress reports if you like, and I like you to stay in touch while I make your instrument for you. Many of my customers have become friends, and I enjoy getting progress reports and updates on what they're doing with the instruments I make them.

If you want to go ahead with an order I generally ask for a 10% refundable deposit. For instruments ordered in the UK, I will send you the completed instrument and you pay the balance if you like it, or if not, you return it and I return your deposit. I've never needed to do that so far, and I've never had a customer waltz off with an instrument without paying for it. Nevertheless, I can’t extend this offer to overseas customers, who will have to pay upfront, but again with a guaranteed refund it they’re not happy. In a nutshell, if you have one of my instruments, I want you to be happy with it. If we can't sort things so you're happy with it, I don't want you to have it. This may be rather un-businesslike, but I think in the long term it will work for me – and for you.

Jim Parr
99 Lichfield Road
Great Yarmouth
NR31 0AB

Telephone:   +44(0)1493 308502

Email:   jim@jimparr.co.uk

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